Olimpia I.G.T. Toscana

Olimpia I.G.T. Toscana

This wine comes from a careful selection of the oldest vines, the result of a selection of the company’s cultivars. Manual harvest is carried out in crates with a selection of the bunches. Each fruiting head carries only one cluster. Harvesting and winemaking take place separately for each grape variety to allow for optimal ripening. Production is controlled in the vineyard through thinning.
Fermentation lasts for over 21 days. Upon completion of fermentation, grapes are blended. The wine is allowed to age and rest in small oak barrels for 24 months where it undergoes malolactic fermentation. After aging in oak barrels, the wine is assembled in vats, where it is allowed to rest for one month before bottling.
Refinement in bottle for at least 7-9 months before being placed on the market.
The wine has a red color with hints of intense ruby red. The nose opens with hints of sweet licorice, pepper and red fruit, blackberry.

Type: red wine
Grapes: 40% Sangiovese; 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Syrah
Denomination: IGT Toscana
Production area: Barberino Val d’Elsa
Soil composition: medium-textured soil, generally clayey, moderately rich in fossils of sedimentary origin.
Vineyard altitude: 300 m/ 984 ft above sea level.
Training system: spurred cordon
Vine density: 5000 plants per hectare
Harvest period: beginning of October
Winemaking: traditional winemaking in stainless-steel vats with frequent pumping over.
Aging: 12 months in second fill French tonneaux.
Serving temperature: 18-20°C/64-68°F
Alcohol content: 14%
Pairings: roasted red meat, aged cheeses, and game.


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IGT Toscana

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Olimpia IGT Toscana


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