The territory, the terroir, and the vineyards

The wines produced at Fattoria Valacchi are a true expression of its specific terroir. By terroir we mean the combination of particular geology, microclimate, specific grape varieties, the skillful endeavors of long-time workers, the culture and history of the area.
The blend of these elements, combined with the constant attention to research and quality, results in wines rich in tradition but at the same time enjoyable and modern.

The philosophy behind the wines of Fattoria Valacchi is the research and development of wines with a strong link to the territory, whose key principles are native grape varieties typical of the area, the rigorous care of the vines, and the rediscovery of traditional and local winemaking techniques tuned in a modern key.

The typology of the wines of the Valacchi Farm is divided into three lines:

  • the Fattoria line, with Chianti DOCG,  fusion of tradition and wine expertise
  • the Gelso line, with Chianti DOCG, Chianti Riserva DOCG and IGT Toscana, representative of the company’s passion and quality
  • the Tribute line, with IGT Toscana, linked to the family tradition not only in the names but also in the types

With a view to implementing a continuous evolution that enhances its original roots, the company is also working on a new “monocultivar” line that will complement and complete the Tribute Line.

Fattoria Line

Gelso Line

Tribute Line